How To Take Clenbuterol For Maximum Benefits

Clenbuterol is not like most other anabolic steroids given that you won’t be running a long, strenuous cycle with this product. In fact, you won’t be taking Clen longer than two weeks at a time without taking an equally long break. How you use Clen and the structure of your dosing routine will largely depend upon the results that you how to obtain. Those looking to lose massive amounts of weight over an extended period of time may want to implement different dosing schedules from those who need to drop a few pounds fast. Following is everything you need to know about how to take Clenbuterol.

Why Breaks Are Essential

Breaking with anabolic steroids is vital for giving the body the opportunity to return to a normal manner of functioning. When you take mid-cycle breaks, your own hormone production goes back to an appropriate level. In essence, the body is able to pick back up where it was before you started using steroids so that all systems effectively return to normal. While this is definitely a factor with Clen, the ultimate goal of breaking is to ensure that your metabolism continues functioning at peak levels. If you push it too hard, your body is going to react as a protective measure, by putting your fat-burning faculties into slow-down mode. Breaking with Clen prevents immunity while streamlining the metabolism for long-term success.

Dosing For Two Weeks

With Clen, you’ll always dose and break for equal periods of time. The most common schedule is to use Clen for two weeks at the dose recommended by the manufacturer, and then break for two weeks while using no outside fat burning supplements at all. Don’t try to cheat by taking an outside fat burner when your body is meant to be resting as this will undermine the primary purpose of resting entirely. With this two weeks on and then two weeks off routine, you can run several Clen cycles back to back so that even a more ambitious weight loss goal can be achieved in about a month and a half.

Dosing For Two Days

The alternative to the two-week plan is to dose for two days and then break for two days. This gives the metabolism a mini-jump every 48 hours so that it’s constantly running at full steam. This is often the ideal schedule for someone who wants to shed a modest amount of weight in under a month. With this strategy, you can dose Clen continuously for up to four weeks straight, so long as you’re diligent in maintaining the necessary breaking pattern.