How Do You Know If HGH Is Safe?

The explosion of interest and use of HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, has permeated the fitness and dieting world.   Stories upon stories of folks who try HGH, who use HGH and who find great success abound on the internet.   Fantastic tales of fat loss, gains of strength and muscle, better sleep, fast-healing bone injuries, increases in sexual libido, more energy and improvements in memory are great stories to share by anyone who’s experienced these.

HGH is naturally produced by the body’s pituitary gland, and it peaks in production during the teenage years.   Ever notice why teenagers need so much sleep and how well they sleep?   This is natural due to the abounding production of HGH in their bodies.   Their minds are steel traps, their bodies heal rapidly when injured and their muscles rapidly develop if properly trained.

But is HGH safe?   Although HGH is prescribed by the FDA for issues where all of the above are lacking or deficient, it has not approved prescribing HGH for healthy adults and claims that it hasn’t proved the benefits, although the amount and quality of testing done in this area is questionable.

Most HGH supplements are pill or powder form, which might be an issue for the common individual seeking to find the benefits of HGH.   As it turns out, HGH is quickly digested in the stomach before it can be absorbed by the body, so the injection method is what the FDA approves as the best method of prescribing HGH.   Not everyone likes injections.

The side-effects reported by some include things like swelling and edema, which could cause muscles to be sore because nerves and joints are being impacted by the potential swelling.  This effect could be why instances of carpal tunnel syndrome get reported, as well as numbness and tingling of the skin.   Sometimes high cholesterol levels are also reported, but these issues seem to come up in cases where individuals are high risk for these conditions in the first place.    Similarly, if an individual has been diagnosed with some form of cancer, introducing HGH could potentially accelerate the growth of cancer.

Counterfeit formulas and placebos are everywhere, so making sure your HGH is of the highest quality is the key to making sure whether your HGH is safe.