Information About Pneumonia, Treatment And Research

Pneumonia is lung infection that causes coughing, fever and makes breathing difficult. In most cases, pneumonia can be treated at home; it often clears up in two to three weeks. Pneumonia can occur almost anywhere; at work or at school. When pneumonia is contracted in these areas it is called community-associated pneumonia. In addition, you can also contract pneumonia when you are in a nursing home or in a hospital.

This type of pneumonia is known as healthcare-associated pneumonia. It is important to note; bacteria or viruses often cause pneumonia.

Pneumonia begins when you breathe in germs into your lungs. Research shows that it is more likely to occur after you have had a cold or the flu. Other chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer or diabetes make a person more susceptible to pneumonia.

Bacterial pneumonia often attacks the body quickly and may include coughing, fever, shortness of breath and fast breathing, chills, chest pain, feeling very tired and weak, nausea and vomiting. When a person experiences mild symptoms, it is sometimes referred to as walking pneumonia.

Symptoms of viral pneumonia are the same; however, they can come on slowly and in most cases are not as bad as bacterial pneumonia. Pneumonia is diagnosed by a doctor; he or she will ask you about your symptoms and conduct a physical exam. In addition, he or she may also order a chest x-ray as well as a complete blood count. Doctors treat  bacterial pneumonia with antibiotics.

In the past few years several research projects have brought to light interesting information about pneumonia such as pneumonia bacteria secreting toxin; a toxin that helps pneumonia move from one body to another body. Another interesting research project is a lung ultrasound. The lung ultrasound is able to detect those who are at a higher risk for pulmonary embolism.

To conclude, pneumonia is lung infection that causes coughing, fever and makes breathing difficult. Talk with your doctor soon and find out more about pneumonia treatment research.