Is Deca Durabolin Right For You?

Deca, also known for its generic name nandrolone deconoate, is a popular anabolic steroid often injected into the muscles. The injectable is an oily and clear yellow solution that comes in 50 ml vials. It is prescribed by doctors to increase bone density.

If you are planning to buy Deca Durabolin, it is important to note that taking the drug is not advisable for pregnant women and those who are hypersensitive to the steroid. Physicians recommend that blood work is done before taking this medication whether you’re thinking of getting injections or taking the steroid in pill form.

When taken in small doses, this injectable does not cause virilization at all but when stacked with other anabolic steroids, the solution can be effective in improving a person’s physique. The question is, is Deca right for you? This all depends on what you would like to achieve. If you would like to improve your endurance in training, Deca is definitely a good choice. The changes won’t be as dramatic but will help you bulk up faster because you are exercising enough.

What Is Deca Durabolin Steroid?

Deca-Durabolin has a chemical structure very similar to testosterone. According to experts, although it offers milder androgenic effects, taking this drug will still give you noticeable gains. Aside from increasing a user’s bone density, it also increases appetite and blood cell production making it a healthier choice than steroids with similar structures. Unlike other steroids, it binds to muscle tissues better, too.

Synthesized in the year 1950, the drug was first referred to as nandrolone phenylpropionate and then as deconoate a few years later. It is probably among the first steroids used for doping. According to history, the medication was used by professional athletes as early as 1960. It was later banned in the Olympics in 1974 and it is still banned today.

In the latter part of 1994, South African rugby league player Jamie Bolen tested positive for Deca and he was banned for 24 months. Even Pep Guardiolla tested positive for the drug while he was still playing for Brescia.

Deca Durabolin Tablets For Bodybuilding

Ads for Deca Durabolin for sale are everywhere. In fact, there are so many brands that contain the substance. A drug widely used by bodybuilders, Deca Durabolin steroids offer muscle mass gains, relieves joint pain, and even helps improve the immune system. Aside from its benefits, this drug is also popular because it does not have many side effects. The side effects includes water retention and acne and not much else.

This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have problems though because if you start using Deca Durabolin pills, you would have to use it 12 weeks at a time. This is an issue for many because this can overwork the liver. But with discipline and small doses, taking the drug is relatively safer than taking other more powerful steroids.

For monster results, Deca should be taken with testosterone because unlike other anabolic steroids, this drug does not enhance testosterone production. It is also advised that once you’re done with your Deca cycle, you would have to continue using testosterone.  However, new users are advised to do their research about the right cycle before buying the drug. The recommended dosage for men is around 300 mg to 600 mg a week while women are advised take about 50 mg a week.

Buy Deca Durabolin Online

Deca Durabolin is illegal in the United States and other countries. After the Federal Anabolic Steroid Control Acts were enacted in 1990, Deca and other steroids became controlled substances along with veterinary tranquilizers, LSD precursors, narcotics, and barbiturates. Being in possession of the steroid has become illegal without a prescription since and if you are caught, you can face hefty fines and up to five years in prison.

This is the reason why most bodybuilding sites offer Deca supplementation that is not as strong as pure Deca and also the reason why it is safer to buy Deca supplements as opposed to getting pure Deca-Durabolin from the black market. Getting it from the latter is also unsafe and can even cause serious ailments. The market is full of charlatans and this is something you should be wary of.  If you want to try Deca, you should buy it from a reputable site online.